In the northern villa for eight persons there is a sauna fitted with a spacious sauna facing room and a shower. ‘Like a newborn!’, – that is how you will feel after the sauna. Hot steam and moist air not only rejuvenates the body, enhances the immune system, eliminates tiredness, but they are also an ideal way to rejuvenate yourself and your skin.


A hot tub

For thousands of years people knew about the water therapy benefits for one’s health. Bathing in a hot tub stimulates the relaxation of muscles and body, a person is free from stress and negative emotions. While taking a bath, you shall breath fresh air, admire the stars and leisurely interact with others. Thus, an outdoor hot tub is a splendid entertainment and benefit for one’s health; also, it’s a way to pass the time during summer or winter.

A hot tub – 3 hrs.

  • Made from Siberian spruce;
  • Eight persons can be in it at one time;
  • Interior has LED lighting;
  • Sturdy wooden stairs and a bar;
  • Lighting of a hot tub area at evenings;
  • Hot tub is heated at your required time;
  • After each use the hot tube is washed;
  • Can be lent with a sauna or separately.

A hot tub + sauna – 3 hrs.

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For those who like fishing there is a 0.5 ha pond with fishes in the territory of the homestead. Personal inventory and fishing licence is needed. Price – 10.00 EUR for one day.

For an active leisure time, there are mini-football, beach volleyball fields and a trampoline for children.

All of the ponds in the homestead are meant for water activities; bridges and benches are installed.

In the 120 m²  terrace, on the water, there is a summer gazebo with weaved outdoor furniture. Here, while drinking your morning coffee, you shall hear screaming cranes.

During winter, we offer entertainment on ice: skates, ice hockey and sledges will help you experience joyful moments and not get cold.

For those who like grilled meat, they can grill it here. Grillers for brochettes, skewers, armful of firewood – it’s everything that is needed to make a delicious supper.