The village tourism homestead ‘NerDasvilla’, which is located at the second village of Pažiegė, the township of Dusetos, the region of Zarasai, is meant for a quaint and safe relaxation. The Customer undertakes to familiarize the persons, who arrived with him/her, with the following Homestead’s Rules.


Arrival and leaving:


A rent’s daytime starts from 2:00 PM and ends at 12:00 (noon) of the second day, irrespective of the fact from what hour the Guests arrive at the homestead. If the Guests do not leave in time, for each delayed hour they must pay a 30.00 EUR fine. A special arrangement regarding the arrival and leaving time is possible.


The Guests can use:


  1. The rented premises and material assets in them;
  2. Sauna and hot tub for an additional price, if not agreed otherwise;
  3. Bonfire place and barbeque after informing the homestead’s administrator;
  4. Trampoline, children sports playing fields and sports inventory;
  5. The Guests can swim in the pond at indicated swimming places;
  6. The Guests can fish in the pond only after renting the villas and paying the homestead’s administrator for a fishing permit.


The Guests of the homestead must:


  1. While booking the homestead, pay in advance 40% from the whole price of the service and a fixed deposit. The advance payment shall be excluded from the settlement. The deposit shall be returned after the homestead (or a part of it) is rented out to the Guest. If the Guests book the homestead, however do not arrive on time, the advance payment is not refundable. When the Guest arrives in the homestead, he/she must pay the full price of the rent. If the Guests are not in the homestead for the whole duration of the rent, the payment for the residual time is not refundable;
  2. Submit a document confirming their ID and register in the Guest Registration Journal;
  3. The Guests of the homestead, while booking the villas, must precisely indicate the number of people that will arrive, including children. Without firstly informing the homestead’s administrator, the Guests can’t exceed the indicated number of people and invite temporary visitors, friends or other persons. The number of Guests can’t be bigger than the number agreed during the booking. The Guests must familiarize and follow fire safety, safe conduct and internal rules;
  4. After booking additional homestead’s services to immediately pay for them;
  5. Economically use water and electricity;
  6. With their conduct not inconvenience other Guests of the homestead from quaint relaxation and use the common premises and territory of the homestead;
  7. Keep personal affects only in the rented premises or in their own cars (the owners of the homestead are not responsible for the safety of personal affects);
  8. Be present when giving back the rented out premises and material assets to the owners of the homestead or to their authorized person;
  9. Before leaving the homestead, dump their garbage into a dumpster and give back the used premises, which are tidied.


In the homestead, it is prohibited:


  1. To smoke in all of the premises (there are special places for that). For smoking in forbidden places there is a 100.00 EUR fine (Article 185 (1) of the Administrative Offences Code of the LR);
  2. To litter in the territory of the homestead (throw cigarette-ends, tare and food waste outside);
  3. To brake trees and bushes;
  4. Without prior arrangement with the owners of the homestead or their authorised person, to light fireplaces, grills or use other appliances, which emit open fire, use any firing weapons, fireworks or squibs;
  5. Without the authorization of the owners of the homestead or their authorized person to bring and keep dogs, cats and other pets in the homestead;
  6. Without the authorization of the owners of the homestead or their authorized person to relocate the material assets or the inventory in the homestead;
  7. To use outside the indoor towels, blankets, bedspreads, chairs, tables and other inventory in the premises;
  8. To burn plastic and chemical substances in fireplaces, grills or bonfire places;
  9. Without supervision of their parents and grownups, it’s prohibited for children to play near the ponds and swim in them.


The liability of the Guests:


  1. The Guests are materially liable for the whole damaged or destroyed movable and immovable objects in the homestead or its territory;
  2. If the damages in the homestead occurred due to the actions of minors, the parents or guardians of children must compensate these damages;
  3. The owners of the homestead are not liable, if the Guests or their children injured themselves due to their own actions or the actions of other Guests, or if they damaged their own property due to carelessness;
  4. The main Customer of the Guest group is liable for musicor other noise caused after midnight (the Customer of the Service).


Fire safety and safe conduct rules:


  1. Electric appliances must be used in orderly fashion and children must be forbidden from using them. Electric appliances, radio or television sets must not be left unattended or turned on;
  2. Smoking must be done outside, in special places. Cigarette-heads must be thrown into specific containers;
  3. Lit fire in fire places only after receiving a permission from the owners of the homestead or their authorized person and after hearing out safety instructions;
  4. The firewood must be placed only in specific areas in safe distance from open fire;
  5. While the fireplace is being lit, the children must not be left unattended, they must not light the fireplace and play with burning sticks, firewood or cinders;
  6. Any kind of fire must not be caused in the forest (cigarette-heads must not be thrown in the forest and open fire must not be used);
  7. Fire must be lit in the homestead’s territory only in appropriate places. It is forbidden to leave the fire unattended. When going away from the fireplace, the fire must be extinguished;
  8. Children can swim only if they are accompanied by their parents or guardians;
  9. It is forbidden to climb on the rooftop of the terrace or on the rails of the pond;
  10. The Guests must act in such a way, that no harm would calm to the health and lives of other Guests;
  11. The inventory must be used only in accordance to its purpose;
  12. Each Guest is individually responsible for the quality and freshness of the food they bring;
  13. The owner of the homestead is not liable, if a Guest or his/hers children injure themselves or do damage to the assets due to their own fault, if the safe conduct, fire safety and internal rules have been breached;
  14. The Guests themselves are liable for other possible events, which may occur in the interior of the homestead, outdoors, sports fields, sauna, hot tub, while swimming in the pond, in the gazebo and other places;
  15. The Guest is liable for accidents and their outcomes, which result from drinking alcohol;
  16. The parents or the guardians of minors (persons taking care of them) must ensure the safety of the children;
  17. The main Customer of premises or homestead undertakes to acquaint other Guests of the rented homestead with fire safety and safe conduct rules and is fully responsible that the Guests of the homestead adhere to these rules.
  18. The Customer undertakes to acquaint other Guests with the homestead rules and is liable for their conduct and material damage the Guests have caused.


We wish you a good relaxation,

The administration of ‘NerDas Villa’