About the homestead:

‘NerDas Villa’ is an exceptional oasis of tranquil relaxation, which shall help you, your family or your loved ones to escape the bustle of the city and to dive together into the dreamed off relaxation. ‘NerDas Villa’ is a modern homestead established in a unique wilderness located at the region of Zarasai, the township of Dusetos, the village of Pažiegė.



The whole territory merges into a cohesive harmony of nature and human work. The territory of the homestead encompasses a four ha wide wilderness: three various size ponds, the forests surround the territory and villas are located throughout it. Everyone can relax here. Those who like active relaxation can spend their time during summer on the volleyball court or mini-football field, during winter they can spend their time with skates on a frozen pond or merrily go down a hill with sledges.

Various relaxation:

For those who like a more passive relaxation we offer to spend an evening in the sauna or a hot tub. Alternatively, simply enjoy the beauty of the nature while drinking coffee, reading a favourite book, communicating with relatives on a wooden terrace from which a breath-taking wilderness can be seen. The villas, which are modern and homely installed, shall captivate you and will allow you to enjoy a comfortable and aesthetic relaxation in the nature.


The History of the Homestead

In 2004, the current territory of the homestead was a hard to go through and access area: uncompleted ploughing fields, neglected meadows, grazing cattle belonging to locals…

This was the picture 12 years ago of now unrecognizably changed ‘NerDas Villa’ territory. However, the two-person dream to have a small house for relaxation slowly has become a reality.

In 2006, we have started to attend to the territory of the homestead. Old trees and bushes were cut down, a road formed and laid-down, three ponds dug and the terrain of the territory fixed.

Not many believed that two people could settle in here.


In 2010, on a smooth field we begun to build a first house for ourselves. Our vision drove us forward. In 2012, we decided to lay down the foundation for three houses, after a year another foundation waslaid down. Now, in the four ha territory of the homestead, there are four villas. We named them based on their location.

‘Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance’, it’s a phrase of Samuel Johnson, which perfectly reflects the road we have been on so far. In spite of everything, this phrase has become our slogan.

The year of 2016 gave us the first fruits of recognition – we were awarded for the most beautifully attended homestead.